8 Loan Options for Homebuyers

Let's talk about YOUR OPTIONS as a HOMEBUYER!

We have been talking to several lenders lately about financial options home buyers have today. From zero down to significant rate reductions, there is something for everyone. We want to share with you the information on what is available.

Here are 8 great loan options for you as a homebuyer:

• FHA: As low as 3.5% down, lenient credit history

• Conventional: As low as 3% down, flexible interest rates and fees

• Down Payment Assistance Programs: Up to zero down grant programs through FHA.

• Zero down VA or USDA: VA is a great option for veterans with great rates and fees

• Fixed period rate buy downs: Get 1, 2 or up to 3 percent down the first couple of years of your mortgage.

• Renovation loans: FHA and conventional options available as low as 3 to 3.5 percent down. Borrow based on the expected future value of your home and get the cash to complete the upgrades or repairs.

• Owner-occupied investment properties now qualify for 5 percent down

• Self-employed, just 1 year of tax returns required

Sound interesting or want more details? Reach out and we will put you in contact with a great and knowledgeable lender.

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