Boosting Home Value: The ROI of Replacing Garage Doors

Did you know that updating your garage doors offers several benefits, especially if you’re considering selling your home?
After our SMM’s garage door stopped working on their 35 year old home, they decided it was time to do a complete upgrade that included doors with insulation and safety features, as well as some cool technology upgrades.
  • Increased Home Value - enhanced curb appeal, increased functionality, increased energy efficiency, improved security
  • Improved Security - newer doors often come with enhanced security features and can even link with your current security system or send alerts straight to your phone
  • Energy Efficient - many garage doors now have better options for insulation, especially based on where you live
  • Reduced Maintenance - less repairs which can be costly for older doors and motors
  • Safety Features - some older doors don’t have features to help prevent accidents (like Meghan’s doors) and with two small children, this was a must. Sensors can help stop the doors if something is detected under it
  • Aesthetics - there are so many options to choose from. Styles, colors, materials all customized to your home’s style.
  • Technology - in the world of tech, having the door connected right to your phone or other smart device creates enhanced functionality
Whether your style is more simple or elegant, garage doors are a great way to improve your home.
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