Gile Group Podcast S2E4: Who's Buying and Selling in this Market

Although the number of buyers and sellers, mortgage rates, home prices, etc., have changed (and will continue to change), we still see people out there making moves. In our most recent months, we have had many clients make the move to Portland to be near family or for jobs. We’ve also worked with several investors who actively stay looking for properties. Third, we’ve worked with families with changing dynamics such as needing a multigenerational home, aging parents who are downsizing, marriage, and divorce. In this episode, we will talk about navigating buying or selling in this market, our process that is customized to where you are in life, and how to remember that you are “dating the rate” and can refinance when rates change. We love being able to help educate you and want you to feel comfortable coming to us whether you are thinking of moving in a year or tomorrow!

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