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Interest Rates, Inventory and Prices Oh my!

What topics are top of mind in the housing market right now? Interest rates, inventory and prices. Many are asking, are we in a bubble, and is it going to burst soon? Get the latest info on these hot topics as well as Tom's take on the market!

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Will the end of mortgage forbearance bring chaos to the housing market?
Mortgage forbearance provided a lifeline early in the pandemic to those in need. As we near the end of the forbearance period, what's next for those whose mortgage is in forbearance and the housing market as a whole? Will there be a wave of foreclosures or will the market adjust and provide options?
Some Normalcy in an Abnormal Market?
The last several weeks seem to have brought some normalcy to the Portland real estate market. While inventory is still low and prices are strong, inventory is on the rise and prices appear to have stabilized. Get the latest information in this week's Portland Market Minute.
Gile Report, Portland Real Estate Minute
With inventory at an all-time low in May, June brings some changes to the market. Get the latest info on listings, sales and pricing around the metro area.
What's Really Driving Today's Real Estate Market?
There has been a lot of talk about the pandemic's impact in the housing market. While the last year has increased people's desires for homes proving more space for recreation and work/life balance, the factors driving today’s strong market go much deeper and have been years in the making. Learn about the real driving forces in the housing market and where the experts are predicting it will go in the next couple of years.
If I Sell My Home, Where Will I Go? Gile Report May 19, 2021
We hear the question all the time when talking to friends, family and potential clients. "If I sell my home, where will I go?" A valid question in the current hyper-busy market. This Gile Report addresses the number one question on most potential sellers' minds, what are my options if I sell. Watch now to see what options you have available and contact us with questions or to put together a plan to get you in your next home!
Gile Report, When will the Housing Bubble Burst?
With low inventory and housing prices up nationwide, Google reported the search question “When is the housing market going to crash” spiked 2,450 percent last month. The question on many peoples’ mind is when is the housing bubble going to burst? Check out the latest market information and see what the experts are saying about a housing bubble, and home sales through 2022.
Portland Market Minute, Q1 Recap
Limited inventory and strong buyer demand are combining forces resulting in prices 16 percent higher than last year. Q1 Market Snapshot • Inventory down 52.8 percent to 0.8 months • Listings down 5.2 percent • Sales up 7.9 percent • Average Home Price up 16.2 percent to $554,300 Market Trends • Interest rates down 2 weeks in a row after an 8 week rise • Multiple offers over asking price • Buyers making concessions to be more competitive (Talk to us, there is a right way and wrong way to get your offe
Summer Real Estate Slowdown?
People typically think the best time to sell is summer. Historically the market peaks around May-June and slows down in July-August as people head out of town for vacations. The 2021 housing market has been unprecedented in many ways. Is it following the typical market or heading on a path of its own? Watch and find out.
Fact Check, What is Really Happening in the Real Estate Market?
"Red Hot Real Estate Market Comes to an End as Sales Drop" "The Real Estate Market is Headed for a Shock with the End of Mortgage Forbearance" While the headlines grab attention, what is really going on in the market? Watch as we fact check the headlines and provide the latest information about the Portland real estate market. Remember headlines are often written to terrify not clarify.
Gile Report Portland Market Minute
New graphics make it easy, quick and to the point! Get the latest info on the Portland real estate market in the latest Gile Report Portland Market Minute.
What Fall Slowdown? Portland Market Minute
Some sellers may be battening down the hatches as October winds down, but buying activity remains strong, and forget what I said last time about prices edging down. That is old news! Check out the latest Portland Market Minute!
Future of the Zestimate?
Just 3 weeks after pausing home purchases, Zillow makes the surprise announcement that it is ending its iBuyer program Zillow Offers after a staggering 3rd quarter loss of $550 million resulting in the elimination of 25 percent of its workforce. CEO Rich Barton blames unpredictability it the ability to forecast home prices. So what does this mean for the Zestimate, the basis of Zillow's home valuation?
Portland Market Minute, Another 2021 Curve ball?
Get the latest intel on the Portland Real Estate market. As we roll into mid-November, is the market acting like years past or are we seeing another 2021 curve ball?
What does the 2022 Real Estate Crystal Ball Have to Say?
As 2021 comes to a close, lets break out the crystal ball for 2022. Where are prices headed, and what about interest rates? Factor in low inventory; 2022 will be an interesting year. See what the experts predict as well as what homes and payments are expected to be throughout 2022.
Gile Report: [Portland 2021 Real Estate Review]
Here it is 2021 Portland Real Estate in Review! In addition to talking about the metro area as a whole, check out prices, appreciation, and more in your area or town. Some questions we will answer: What area had the highest appreciation? How about the lowest inventory? In a record-setting year, did sales or prices go down anywhere? (Believe it or not, the answer is yes.) Check it out now! Subscribe to our channel and follow us on our social channels so you don't miss market updates, listings, home ti
Inflation and Real Estate
Inflation is in the headlines again. Let's see how Real Estate may protect you. Tangible assets like real estate get more valuable over time which makes buying a home a good way to spend your money during inflationary times. Let's look at this hot topic in today's Gile Report and its effect on real estate and mortgage rates.
Tom's Take on the Housing Market (What's up with Interest Rates?)
The Federal Reserve increased the federal funds rate for the first time since 2018. While this has been making the headlines, learn what indicator you should be watching (hint: it is not the federal funds rate). And get Tom's take on the impact of rising interest rates, strong demand, and how low inventory is having on the real estate market.
Gile Report April 20, 2022, Interest Rates, Inventory and Prices Oh my!
What topics are top of mind in the housing market right now? Interest rates, inventory and prices. Many are asking, are we in a bubble, and is it going to burst soon? Get the latest info on these hot topics as well as Tom's take on the market!